New album out now!!
All words and music written by Halfblind Henry
Recorded for most part at the Tower Room, Berlin
Photography by Albert Kranich and Dr. T. Holm
Design by Albert Kranich
Very special thanks to Dagmar, Felix, Thorsten, Anja, Wolfgang, Jane, Jillian and Marc and, of course, Marta for the singing bowl

The concept of this album is obvious or non-existent, depending on the nature of your perception. Although to some extent the music is still composed along somewhat traditional song structures, the overall purpose was not to lay out routes to be followed but rather to provide a landscape for the listener to linger in (dwell? mhh, give me a better word for it). You could call it non-linear music. No commitment to any genre was intended. However, according to Townes Van Zandt´s dictum it must be the blues since it is not zip-a-dee-doo-dah. It draws from various kinds of ritual music and may therefore serve as acoustic background for your rituals, whatever they may be. You can listen to it while meditating, taking long walks, or staring out of the window. Alone or in good company.